Multi-Edge METAL Lawn Edging

The Multi-Edge METAL lawn edging separates your lawn, tiles, flowerbed, etc. from other parts of the garden in an easy and stylish way! Firm and flexible at the same time.


• Each Multi-Edge METAL lawn edging has a length of 100cm (1m). Please note, the working length is 95cm, this is due to the overlapping ends. To calculate how many pieces you need to share the total required length, use the 0.95 meters.
• The height is 17.5cm. You have to insert the pins into the ground. The height of the edging without pins is 7,5cm, of which the lower part extends into the ground. There remains approximately 4cm above the ground is the visible part.
• Material: Steel, available in various finishes
• Thickness: 1.5mm
• Ordering by 10 pieces


Unique Advantages:

• High quality (steel)
• Firm
• Flexible
• Very easy to attach to each other using the connecting system
• Easy to unplug and re-insert
• No other fittings, pins or material needed!
• Lightweight; you can work quickly without heavy lifting.


Available in various finishes:

• Galvanized
• White coated
• Black coated
• Stainless steel
• Corten steel: Corten steel has had a special treatment whereby the sample to the surface rust, but no further than the top layer. This makes for a beautiful rusted appearance. Note: It is possible that the steel "Corten steel" has not yet or not completely rusted when you receive your Multi-edge package. After processing outside the steel will rust naturally and transform to the characteristic color of corten steel.

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