White (Limburg White) pebbles

White pebbles, also known as Limburg White because of its origin, is a true classic in Steinfach’s range of gravels. This quartz has been used widely for many years in both gardens and traditional farmyards and driveways. Recently, White pebbles also have increasingly been appearing in modern formal gardens! The colour is not totally white, as the name would suggest. All sorts of colours exist, this one is a white-grey mixture with some black pebbles.


  • • Type of stone: mixed (includes quartz and marble)
  • • Hardness: Very high
  • • Colour: White-grey mixture
  • • Shape: Round (naturally rounded)
  • • Special features: Good wear resistance. For gravel with a higher quartz content and whiter colour, see White Quartz.

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Packaging Sizes
  2/8 mm 8/16 mm 16/32 mm
20KG bags  



Midibag (0.7 m3) / Bigbag (1 m3),
delivered neutrally in unmarked bags



Loose bulk loads




Other sizes on request (loose bulk loads in larger quantities).

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