Weed control membrane

Weed control membrane is a woven membrane that is widely used to separate soil layers to prevent weed growth.

Weed control membrane is thinner (less weight per m2) than geotextile and is therefore used in places where the thickness of the fabric is of lesser importance. This might include the garden, parking areas, parks, bicycle lanes and paths, basically everywhere where weed growth must be prevented and/or soil layers kept separated (e.g. sand layer underneath gravel in the garden). 


  • • Materials: Woven polypropylene fabric
  • • Weight: ± 110 g/m2
  • • Colour: Black
  • • Special features: Vertical indicator every 30 cm.

Delivery options

  • • 105 m2 roll (100 x 1.05 m) 
  • • 105 m2 roll (50 x 2.10 m)
  • • 210 m2 roll (100 x 2.10 m)
  • • 425 m2 roll (100 x 4.25 m)

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