Panda pebbles

Panda pebbles are an ornamental type of pebbles, with accentuated contrasts between the white and dark grey stones. Panda pebbles are mainly used as decorative pebbles on ornamental surfaces or garden paths, and look great in combination with f.e. grey tiles or modern garden elements. Very comfortable to walk on, thanks to the rounded shape of the pebbles. However, it is also suitable for use on driveways. We also have the chippings variety in our collection: see Panda chippings. 


  • • Type of stone: Mixed
  • • Hardness: High - Very high
  • • Colour: Mixed: dark grey (anthracite) and white
  • • Specific gravity: ± 1600 kg per m3
  • • Shape: Round (artificually rounded)
  • • Special features: Preferably use on sunny surfaces to preserve the white colour of the white pieces of stone.

Delivery options and available sizes

Packaging Sizes
  16/25 mm 25/40 mm
20KG bags


Midibag (0.7 m3) / Bigbag (1 m3),
delivered neutrally in unmarked bags



Loose bulk loads



Other sizes on request.

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