Flat Pebbles plum

Flat pebbles are flat and rounded slate pebbles. The colour of this variety is purple / plum. The combination of the round shape and greenish colour make these Flat pebbles look very pretty and comfortable to walk on. In wet condition, the Flat pebbles are even more beautiful, as the caracter and structure of the stone can be clearly seen then. Pretty on decorative paths or, for example, as decorative stones combined with grey elements. For other colour varieties, see Flat Pebbles black and Flat Pebbles green.


  • • Type of stone: Slate
  • • Hardness: Moderate
  • • Colour: Plum
  • • Specific gravity: ± 1400 kg per m3
  • • Shape: Flat and round (artificial rounded)

Delivery options and available sizes    

Packaging Sizes
  30/60 mm
Midibag (0.7 m3) / Bigbag (1 m3),
delivered neutrally in unmarked bags


Loose bulk loads


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