Dolomite chippings

Dolomite is a fairly well-known type of stone, which is also known under various other names such as Dololux, Gralux Gravier d'Or and Yorkshire chippings. The stone has a beautiful beige colour and a unique, binding effect, as a result of which Dolomite is usually used in semi-paved areas in fine sizes of 0/5 mm and 0/15 mm. In addition, the chippings are used ornamentally in the size 5/15 on driveways, ornamental paths etc.


  • • Type of stone: Dolomite 
  • • Hardness: High
  • • Colour: beige
  • • Specific gravity: ± 1500 kg per m3 (5/15) / ± 1800 kg per m3 (0/5 and 0/15).
  • • Shape: Angular (broken)
  • • Special features: Binding effect when used in fine sizes because of the high levels of CaCO3. Please note: Some types of yellow limestone are similar in appearance to Dolomite, but do not bind as well. You can easily test whether something is limestone or not by filling a glass with vinegar and adding some 0/5 or 0/8 stones. If it reacts, it is limestone and not Dolomite!

Delivery options and available sizes   

Packaging Sizes
  0/5 mm 0/15 mm 5/15 mm
Midibag (0.7 m3) / Bigbag (1 m3),
delivered neutrally in unmarked bags




Loose bulk loads




By barge




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