Amarillo chippings

Amarillo chippings is a type of decorative crushed stone with a deep yellow colour (amarillo is Spanish for yellow). The type of stone is marble, which gives the stone a nice sheen. Amarillo chippings are used to produce coloured concrete, next to the use as decorative stone in parks and gardens. 


  • • Type of stone: Marble
  • • Hardness: High
  • • Colour: Deep yellow
  • • Specific gravity: ± 1600 kg per m3
  • • Shape: Angular (broken)
  • • Special features: Being marble, it is best to be used in a not too damp an environment in order to preserve the colour.

Delivery options and available sizes 

Packaging Sizes
  2/4 mm
Loose bulk loads


Other sizes available upon request.

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