EuroGravel® stabilisation system

EuroGravel gravel panels make it very easy to lay down a uniform and rut-free gravel surface. The result is an extremely stable and load-resistant surface that is not susceptible to deformation or rutting. The weed control membrane on the bottom side prevents the growth of weeds from the underside. With a good cover of 5-6cm gravel the panels are properly covered and invisible! It’s the perfect all-in-one solution for small decorative gardens as well as larger parking lots and public spaces on golf courses, camping sites etc.

Unique advantages:


The high-quality weed control membrane prevents weed growth from the underside. The weed-control membranes will overlay each other when you place them. This has 2 advantages: it's fast and easy to place and gives a double protection against weeds!

Very strong

The gravel panels can withstand very heavy loads and are the strongest gravel panels available on the market

Water permeable

The gravel panels and the root- resistant mat are permeable to water

Quickly activated

Can be easily cut to size, with a bottom layer of weed control membrane already integrated

Easy to install

The gravel panels can be easily laid out and installed, no attachment-system


The membrane is attached with a glue- free system and is made of the same material as the gravel panel

Suitable for many applications

The EuroGravel stabilisation panels are perfect for chairs, ladder or other furniture. The panels are also ideal for parking lots or driveways and give a pretty appearance. It creates a rut-free, stable and low-maintenance surface!


  • • Panel dimensions: 119 x 78.6 x 3 cm
  • • Cell diameter: 51mm
  • • Wall thickness: below: 4mm above: 3mm
  • • Panels per m2: 1,12 panels
  • • M2 per panel: 0,93 m2
  • • Weight per panel: 3050 Grams
  • • Gravel/chippings consumption: ± 75kg per m2
  • • Available colours: Black and white
  • • Gravel size: Min. 5mm, max. 25mm
  • • Chipping size: Min. 5mm, max. 20 mm
  • • Weight weed control membrane: 90 g/m2
  • • Water permeability: 110 l/m2.s (conform EN-ISO-11058)
  • • Produced in Europe

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