Basque Red Pebbles

The Basque Red Pebbles is a real decorative pebble, with a unique colour! There are just a few red decorative types of pebbles with an elegant look. Furthermore, this kind of marble has beautiful veins in the stone that add sophistication to the stone. The colour can best be described as a smooth red with some beige (mostly the veins). The hardness of the Basque Red Pebbles is good, and therefore the pebbles can be used for driveways etc without any problem. The round shape makes the pebbles very comfortable to walk on and makes it suitable for use on roofs and terraces.


  • • Type of stone: Marble 
  • • Hardness: Fairly high
  • • Colour: Soft red
  • • Specific gravity: ± 1500 kg per m3
  • • Shape: Round (artificially rounded)

Delivery options and available sizes

Packaging Sizes
  16/25 mm
Midibag (0.7 m3) / Bigbag (1 m3),
delivered neutrally in unmarked bags


Loose bulk loads


For larger cobbles, see Basque Red Boulders.

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